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Event details

  • Tuesday | March 17, 2020 to Monday | June 29, 2020
  • 7:52 pm

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Sincere greetings to all our Friends!
We invite you to a Pentecost Sunday Mass at our Shrine in Twin Lakes.

Eventually, Public Mass will be celebrated on Sundays only.

We understand that in many parishes there won’t yet be Masses with congregations. So all the more we value the possibility of a public Mass, although we have to adapt to the recommendations laid out by Archbishop Listecki of Milwaukee in connection with the pandemic.

We asked a few of you to help. If someone else is ready to help, please give us your telephone number. In addition, we ask for help directing parking near the outdoor altar, the chapel, and the hall.

Sunday is expected to be a pleasant, sunny day. Thus Mass will be celebrated at the outdoor altar:
– At 8 AM in English
– At 10 AM in Polish

Some housekeeping items:
– The benches will be disinfected beforehand, and every other row will be closed.
– Use of song books is not allowed.
– No one may bring up the Offertory gifts.
– The collection baskets will not be passed around, although they will be set out so that you can leave an offering if you wish. We thank you. God repay you.

For an outdoor Mass, we don’t have to count participants. The benches seat around 100 people. We encourage you to bring folding chairs. The grounds can accommodate a greater number of people, but everyone must adhere to 6-ft social distancing and wear a mask.
We understand that masks are uncomfortable and even controversial. However, please bring and wear a mask as an act of charity for those nearby who are gathering with us.

If anyone wants (or needs) to be indoors, the chapel seats about 30 and Pilgrim Hall seats about 60. Loudspeakers will carry the Mass. In the future, there will be a video feed.

In the event weather does not let us celebrate the Eucharist outdoors, we will use the 30 seats in the chapel and the 60 seats in the Hall. Attendants at the door will tell you the status. Whoever cannot be seated in the chapel or Hall can participate in their cars or on the grounds. Loudspeakers will carry the Mass.

At the proper time during the Mass, you will be told how Communion will be distributed. As for the method of receiving, you may receive only in the hand due to the pandemic. This form expresses our faith that Christ comes as God and Savior and as the living, offertory Lamb, who on the Cross offered Himself for us. We receive His Body not only on our lips and in our hearts, but as a sign of His saving action in the individual mystery of our own crosses, which every one of us carries as His disciple.

We ask you to come earlier so as to help prepare yourself well for worthy participation.

We wish to add that Archbishop Listecki has extended the dispensation for participation in Sunday Mass until July 5.

Also, on Facebook we will transmit our Sunday Masses, I f you need it. Please, let us know. Our FB may be found: La Salette Shrine – Twin Lakes.

God’s blessing to you, and we sincerely invite you to Mass.
Fr. Andrew

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