The Mountain of Mystery

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Our Lady of La Salette 1846 message-story (animated)

Story of La Salette

This digital story is reproduced from the original work printed in as a comic book in 1963.

This is not a story of yesterday. It is not a tale of tomorrow. It is a story for always - for yesterday and tomorrow - for now!
It is an adventure story - a mystery story - and it happened to you, even though you were not right there. It happened to you because it concern you - and all mankind.

Remember it ----- always.

Our story begins high in the silent
and mysterious Alps of a region

in France called Dauphiny.
The towering mountains are wild,
lonely and beautiful. Their peaks
stretch upward - the earth's giant

fingers reaching toward heaven.
Only the shepherds knew the area well.

children There, on the evening of Friday,
September 18, 1846, two young shepherd children returned from the mountains with their herds ....
The girl is named Melanie the boy - Maximin. They have met only the day before but with the openheartedness of children liked each other at once. Melanie works for a man named Baptiste Pra - Maximin for M'sieur Pierre Selme ....
two shepherds with cows
blocking the road with cows
mayor on the road
shepherds and the mayor
angry mayor
So the next morn Saturday the 19th of September, finds Maximin and his employer, Pierre Selme, preparing for the day's work ....
starting the work day
geting started with work
Maximin soon reaches the house of Baptiste Pra where Melanie and her herd wait. They start their herds forward together when -
again mayor on the road
mayor is mean
But the incident is quickly forgotten as they continue their race up the mountain. Finally -
cows eating grass
shepherds high in the mountains
So, Melanie and Maximin talk of many things. Time passes quickly. Suddenly, the sound of a distant and lovely bell is heard -
it is noon
going to water the cows
going back to pasture on the mountain
But when the two little shepherds return to the pasture slope, the hot sun beats down relentlessly ....
it is a clear hot day
stoping by a spring for lunch
resting on the grass
both shepherds resting on the grass
melanie asleep
Maximin does the same
The stillness and the cool of the mountain all combine to let Melanie and Maximin sleep long. Later - a good deal later - Melanie is the first to waken.
Melanie awakes Maximin
They must find the cows
Fearful, the children race back up to the pasture slope to find, in relief....
children find the cows
Now, once again, the two little shepherds descend into the mountain glade... .
But suddenly, Melanie halts, her eyes widening...
Melanie notices the ball of light
Maximin - what a bright light
there the bright light
The ball of bright, fiery light expands. It is now huge, some twenty-five feet across the center, filling the ravine with a dazzling light brighter then the sun... .
Then as the shepherds watch in awe and fright...
light opens up
Now as suddenly as it had appeared, the ball of light opened up to reveal a radiantly beautiful lady inside it. She appears to be sitting on the same rocks Melanie and Maximin had sat upon and seems to be weeping...
beautiful lady weeping
Melanie reacts
Melanie not afraid
But, as the children watch with a mixture of fear and awe, the beautiful, weeping figure rises to stand tall and straight before them...
beautiful lady standing
The radiant figure advances toward Melanie and Maximin. She speaks and her voice is both clear and soft, sad and warm, commanding, yet tender...
children come near
Suddenly, Melanie and Maximin are not afraid anymore. They neither know nor understand why, but they have no fear, now. They hurry forward to the edge of the brook where they had fallen asleep...
she weeps while she speaks
she gives the children a message
That previous year, 1845, the harvest of all crops and especially the potatoes, was extremely poor. The farmers suffered greatly, yet instead of humbling themselves in shame from the chastisement from above, they cursed and swore in anger.
The Lady speaks, " No, you did not heed it, instead you swore, you took the name of my Son in vain. The potatoes will continue to decay so that by christmas there will be none left."
Maximin's sudden remark was answered in the following months when, as a matter of record, there was hardly a potato to be found anywhere in the province of corps or the surrounding localities and the world over, in England, Germany, Italy, France and Ireland, there was great hardship at the loss of that main food, the potatoe. But now, suddenly, the Blessed Virgin realizes her little listeners have a problem.
From then, the beautiful figure speaks to Melanie and Maximin in the "patois," the language dialect of the region. " If you have wheat, it is not good to sow it. All that you sow the insects will eat. What comes up will fall into dust when you thresh it."

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