La Salette Missionaries is a Roman Catholic Community of Priests and Brothers dedicated to the mission of reconciliation inspired by the Apparition at La Salette, France.

This Special event on the mountain of La Salette in 1846 was the beginning of the Congregation of the Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette. The first missionaries were a few diocesan priests who responded to the call to make the message known. A few years later, lay members joined the missionaries on the mountain; they were known as the La Salette Fathers and Brothers or the La Salette Missionaries. They joined together to care for the pilgrims who began to walk up the mountain.

The Priests and Brothers minister in 23 countries around the world.

The men of La Salette are best known for their compassion, willingness to listen and understand. In this fast-paced world, they provide a vital role - someone for a troubled person to talk to. They also provide group structured programs, for Catholics and Non-Catholics, in a variety of areas. They bring about their ministry of reconciliation at Shrines, Retreat Houses, Youth Programs, Parishes, Chaplaincies and Ecumenical Involvements.

Twin Lakes community is composed of 2 priests and 1 brother and is a part of the U. S. mission of the Polish Province.

To contact us by US mail write to:

La Salette Missionaries
10330 - 336th Avenue
Post Office Box 777
Twin Lakes, WI 53181 (U.S.A.)


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